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Flexible Couplings

Flexible Couplings are used for all engineering purposes where an uninterrupted transmission of power is required even in the presence of unavoidable shaft misalignments. Due to their torsional flexibility flexible couplings offer the possibility of moving critical torsional vibrations from the operating area of the mechanical equipment in such a way that no negative effects are to be expected.
Due to the high internal damping property of the flexible elements flexible couplings allow passing of critical speed ranges, and resonance step-up can be limited. Furthermore, inherent shocks are dampened, thus protecting the coupled machine parts.

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Torsionally stiff couplings

Torsionally stiff couplings are used when a sure and maintenance free torque-transmitting is required. They connect two ends of shafts torsionally stiff.

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Drive Elements

Beyond the customary standard designs of drive elements, we manufacture special designs of the materials GG (grey cast iron), GGG (ductile cast iron), steel, special steel and aluminium up to a diameter of 1400 mm.