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ZARIFLEX couplings are used for all engineering
purposes where an uninterrupted transmission of
torque is requiered.

Wide range of applications
ZARIFLEX couplings cover a wide range of requirements.
Available in 11 different sizes, couplings are available
for a range of torques extending from 16 to 9,500 Nm.

Torsionally flexible and vibration damping
ZARIFLEX couplings damp torque impacts and
allow shifting of critical speeds.

They do not require any maintenance except for
regular checking of the toothed ring flexible element.

Without fail-safe device
ZARIFLEX couplings without fail-safe device allow
positive disconnection of input and output side upon
failureof the flexible element.

Angular, radial and axial flexibility
Due to the flexible element angular, radial and
axial shaft displacements can be balanced as

Independent of the direction of rotation
ZARIFLEX couplings can be used for both directions
of rotations and are therefore suitable for reversing

Brochure No. ZARIFLEX 06/2010 – All facts and figures about couplings referred to in previous publications will only be
contingently valid upon issue of this edition. Any dimensional and design changes will be reserved.