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ELBO-R couplings are used in all applications requiring
an absolutely reliable transmission of torque.

Wide range of applications

ELBO-R couplings cover a wide range of requirements.
Available in 26 different sizes, couplings are available for a
range of torques extending from 200 to 1,300,000 Nm.
The EL BO-R couplings with steel hubs allow the coupling
to be used at high speeds.

Torsionally flexible and vibration damping

ELBO-R couplings damp torque impacts and allow
shifting of critical speeds.

Low maintenance
Assuming correct coupling design and correct alignment
at assembly, the buffers which are subjected
only to compression during torque transmission, have
a long life.

Easy to install
The convex buffers in the ELBO-R couplings can be
pushed into position. Both bolts and buffers can be
replaced without any axial movement of the motor
or machinery. Uncoupled machinery can be radially

ELBO-R couplings are fail-safe up to the shear torque
of the metallic parts which is many times the
permissible impact torque. They therefore offer the
greatest possible operational reliability.

Angular, radial and axial flexibility
Due to the barelled shape of the flexible elements
(the buffers) which are moveable in their seating
holes, angular, radial and axial shaft displacements
can be balanced as required.

Independent of the direction of rotation
ELBO-R couplings can be used for both directions
of rotations and are therefore suitable for reversing